Dry Snacks

Since, We have been a food delivery services, we do not charge the customers for delayed package delivery and if it’s not ‘HOT’ & ‘FRESH’.
We do not charge on multiple items to the cart through in & as delivery services.

We Shall be accepting in Cash, Wallet (Esewa, Khalti, Fonepay) or transfer through QR directly or indirectly.
Wallet ID 9818247250

Why eEatit?

“Whatsoever happens, We make sure to hand over the food and delivery goodies to our customers on agreed time.”

” We assure the customers satisfaction and make sure the quality of the foods from every restaurants and branded pick ups in our list are fresh and delicious. We do maintain the quantity continually.”

” Via offline & online platform, through different forms of mechanism we try to reach our customer base, our business supporters, partners and well wishers. We do conduct online quiz, voucher redeem, gifts, customers rewards and bonuses as well as we do imply our presence offline in the core and crowded area of the listed cities and landmarks.”

” We encourage our buyer friends, our local restaurants, cafeterias, outlets and branded kitchens to save paper and trade via online billing system and notify through Email and SMS to Save Trees. Since, we do understand our responsibility towards the eco-system and awareness towards the impact of Global Warming.